Our Centre Philosophy

“All Educators and Staff Members at Only Early Learning Centre believe in the importance of creating and maintaining trusting, loving and secure relationships. We believe that learning is enhanced once these relationships are formed. Our interactions, practises and decision making are based on attachment theory and we strive to be warm and responsive to children’s individual needs. We aim to work with the children, their families and the wider community to continually develop our understanding of individual children. We believe this will support the ongoing development of meaningful curriculums that promote children’s learning.”

Only Early Learning Centre believes that play has an important role in children’s development and learning. We aim to provide children with the opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of their world around them, allowing time to create, take risks, discover, problem solve, communicate and build relationships. When planning, we offer repeated opportunities for children to explore experiences and we understand that learning usually occurs over time as children practice and master new skills, concepts and techniques. The educators use Intentional Teaching practices, considering how their role in the children’s play can be used as an opportunity to extend on the learning through interactions, open-ended questions and reflective planning practices.

The program refers to all our activities during the day and provides children with balanced opportunities for quiet times, alone and group times, adequate rest periods, and small and large group activities. Our programs are provided for differing age groups and transitions from one stage to the next are individually structured. Educators consider parent involvement as an essential part of the curriculum and work closely with families to ensure children’s home language, culture and religious difference are respected and celebrated.

We believe that learning opportunities for science, technology, engineering, arts, literacy and mathematics occur every day in the play based environment and the children’s learning in these areas can be enhanced and scaffolded through intentional teaching practices. These experiences enable us to build on children’s learning skills and the processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, research and investigation.