At Only Early Learning Centre our Educational Curriculum is guided by the Approved Learning Framework, The Early Years Learning Framework. Our role is to enhance learning through planning and interactions with children, whilst encouraging, extending and valuing children’s spontaneous learning. Children are the focus of the Curriculum and each child is viewed as a co-constructor of learning, as well as an individual learner with similarities and differences between each other and within and between groups of children. Opportunities are provided in the Curriculum for all children to use and develop their particular abilities and interests. All children need to feel they are valued as individuals and capable of achieving their full potential.

¬†We believe that learning is enhanced once strong relationships are formed and we aim to work with the children, their families and the wider community to continually develop our understanding of individual children. We believe that play has an important role in children’s development and learning. We aim to provide children with the opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of the world around them, allowing time to create, take risks, discover, problem solve, communicate and build relationships.

Our School Readiness Program

Our School Readiness Program runs throughout the entire day, throughout the entire year. School Readiness, social, emotional and independence skills are strengthened through a wide range of activities designed to enhance a child’s auditory, visual and tactile senses.

Self Regulation Programs 

At Only Early Learning Centre we understand the importance of self-regulation skills with regards to learning and development and work towards building children’s ability to effectively regulate their emotions. We offer opportunities for children to build of their resilience and their ability to cope with challenges and stressful situations. Our Educators implement programs to support the children with building on these important Self-Regulation skills including meditation and calming strategies.